Chinese Women's Group create textiles


This resource records the processes a Chinese Women's group went through to create a collaborative textile work to celebrate the 2006 Pillars of Light Festival in Yorkshire. 

A Chinese elderly women’s group and a Muslim women’s group were each given a guided tour of Temple Newsam House and invited to reflect on what they had seen, most of whom had never been to a museum before. Each group then worked with textile artist Jane Ball to produce a wall hanging in response to the experience. 

The Chinese group’s wall hanging focused on the shapes and motifs of the Chinese vases in the exhibition, while the Muslim group picked up on the abundance of flower designs in the textiles and ceramics to express their interest in the stories of the women who had lived in the house over the centuries (and in particular one mother who had outlived all of her nine sons). 

Chinese collections at Temple Newsam:

Temple Newsam House is described as one of the best country houses in Britain and beautifully restored to its former glory, it is now home to spectacular collections of paintings, furniture, silver, Leeds pottery, ceramics, textiles and wallpapers. 

Collections explore the cultural interchange of the Eastern and Western worlds, including Islam, reflecting the influence of Japan and China, as well as India and the Middle East, on European art. The central medium is lacquer from Japan and China, but cultural cross-fertilisation is also demonstrated in metalwork, glass and textiles. Although most of the contents of the house were dispersed at auction in 1922, remaining objects still testify vividly to the influence of the East.    

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