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Teachers' notes and linked resources

Craft Made from Graft consists of linked resources which explore different aspects of the Industrial Revolution - from child labour to factory conditions. 

Each topic uses original sources from Huddersfield Local Studies Library and includes accompanying information, practical tasks and games.


Curriculum links:

KS2 Citizenship - Children's rights - human rights

KS3 Citizenship - Human Rights

KS2 History - Aspect/theme in British history beyond 1066 - Industrial Revolution; Local study

KS3 History - Britain 1745-1901

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of the lives of people during a period of immense change

Understanding of how Industrial Revolution affected ordinary people

Skills to contrast past and present conditions and empathise with others 

Activity idea:

  • Citizenship/History: Compare modern/historic child workers
    Pupils could research and produce a report on factory conditions during the 19th Century. A different group could compare this with additional research on current child labour. They could then compare their reports and findings as a class and draw conclusions. 

    - As an extension activity, pupils could go on to learn about the Factory Acts throughout the 19th Century and how these have shaped conditions.

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