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Clarice Bean Thatís Me

Character: Clarice Bean (star of picture books and a series of novels). Clarice Bean is an intelligent girl with a deadpan sense of humour who comments on the world around her, revealing along the way how sometimes adults donít always know whatís best!
ďI know lots of people, most of them are in my family. A lot of them live in our house, and some of them just visit. Thereís usually a lot of noise and we are always at sixes and sevens but thatís the way we like it.Ē

  • Who is faster a worm or a snail? Ė Set up an experiment (only joking Ė or am I?)
  • Who is most annoying? Ė Minal Cricket or Robert Granger? Clarice finds both these boys annoying - can pupils find examples of why they annoy her and write them down?
  • Clarice also admires lots of people like her Unc you admire?
  • List the different qualities you admire about them.
Character development through questions
We get to know a lot about Clarice through her stories but there are lots of characters in her books that we only meet briefly. This activity allows pupils the opportunity to develop characters for them.

Initial thinking time

In silence, look at the first page in one of the Clarice Bean Picture books (either her Classroom friends in What Planet are you from Clarice Bean? or her family gathered together in Clarice Bean Thatís Me. Select a character (other than Clarice) that interests you.

Paired talking

Tell your partner which character you have selected and why.

Whole class sharing

Share your thoughts with the whole class. Did pupils who selected the same characters have the same reasons for selecting them?

Personality characteristics

Divide the class into groups based on same character choice. Discuss what they look like, how they dress, how they pose etc. Deduce their behaviour, emotions and role in the scene. Share thoughts with the whole class.

Compare and contrast
Note differences between your character and others in the scene and how they interact with each other. Through this process try to start defining their personality. Share thoughts with whole class.

Asking questions

What can you say you know about the character? What do you think you know about the character? What would you like to find out about the character? (What questions would you like to ask?)

Character Frame
Individually complete a character frame: My name is, I wear, I live, I feel, I like, I donít like, My best friend is, I say things like, My greatest desire is, I am here becauseÖ

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