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That Pesky Rat

Character: That Pesky Rat
A story for anyone who ever wanted to be somebody’s pet. Pesky Rat is a street rat who wants more than anything to have a home and somebody who cares for him.
“Sometimes when I am tucked into my crisp packet, I look up at all the cosy windows and wonder what it would be like to live with creature comforts. To belong to somebody. To be an actual pet.”


  • Write an advert for either your own pet or one of the animals found in the book – think about what makes them particularly appealing.
  • Design an ideal home for the pesky rat to live in.
  • Using materials create a collage of a new jumper for the pesky rat.
What animal am I?
Pupils select one of the animals featured in the book (either individually, in pairs or in groups)

Who am I?
Choose five objects that represent the animal (what they like doing, what job/interests do they have, who owns them etc). They write them on a piece of paper. Put them in a bag. Pull one out and read it out. Can the class work out which animal it is? How many objects do they need before they get the right one?
Children draw each object on one half of a piece of paper.
On the other half, they write a short piece, using a sentence or two for each object, explaining what it shows about the animal.

Twenty Questions

Pupils take on the role of the animal they created objects for.
They take the hot seat (like in a chat show) and the class are invited to ask questions. The questions have to be closed and the person is only allowed to answer yes or no.
Hints: (these can be prepared by the children beforehand in pairs or
groups after some initial discussion about what open and closed questions
are). Pupils have to guess which animal they are in as few questions as possible.

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