Changes in Society - Managing an Exhibition

The Exhibition

On the last page you saw the planning for the exhibition in its basic form. The video clip 'Exhibition set up' shows the exhibition itself.

How did the consultant and tutor respond to the following challenges:

  • Exhibition boards none of right size for posters at YOI.
  • Printing and laminating the posters.
  • Providing exhibition cases and documents from external sources (the Record Office and Green Howards Museum).
  • Providing refreshments young offenders are allowed plastic mugs, and visitors would need china cups and saucers, milk jugs and sugar bowl.
  • Creating the replica uniforms for male and female prisoners.
  • Filming the exhibition.
  • Inviting guests to view the exhibition.
  • Clearing all of the above with the YOI security unit.

The video clip 'Karl talks about his poster' shows a young offender giving his talk to the visitors. The challenge here was honing the presentation skills of the young offenders - how would this have been done?

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