Changes in Society - Managing an Exhibition

Evaluation by Tutor, Participants and Guests

What were the outcomes of the project and did they meet the original brief?


The four video clips at the bottom of this page show the outcomes for the young offenders and their tutor. How far did the project meet the original brief?


Other useful information:


The worksheets provide a copy of comments from young offenders and visitors to the exhibition.

Discussion point:

How are these useful to the client, consultant, tutor and young offenders?


The Record Office created a travelling exhibition which would be seen in libraries, museums and archives throughout the county of North Yorkshire. In order to do this the posters were printed onto pull up banners three posters per banner plus the original introductory banner. A copy of the DVD accompanies the display and is played on a laptop.


Discussion points:

What were the reasons for changing the original design of the exhibition for the travelling version?


To what extent does the travelling version meet the original brief?


Extension task:


What difference has being involved in this project made to the young offenders who took part? How and why is this important?

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