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Captain Cook and the Pacific Islands

The voyages of Captain Cook are celebrated as truly historic feats of navigation and seamanship. The Pacific Ocean covers one third of the globe - finding the tiny islands scattered across this vast ocean has been compared to finding a handful of confetti, sprinkled across a huge lake.

We sometimes say that Captain Cook 'discovered' Pacific Islands such as Hawaii and New Zealand, when actually there were people already living there.

Discussion Ideas:

  • If people were already living in the Pacific Islands before Captain Cook 'discovered' them, where did those people originally come from?
  • How did they manage to sail across the vast Pacific Ocean, centuries before Captain Cook, to find and settle these islands?
  • The Pacific islanders had no metal ore, no clay for pottery, and no animals such as sheep to provide fibres to make clothing and sails for their ocean-going canoes. What did they use instead?
  • What was their way of life before Captain Cook 'put them on the map'?
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