Cave Hunter

Activity and discussion ideas

Find out more about the animals in the Cave.

  • Find out what a 'habitat' is. Why do different animals have different habitats? What would happen if all animals liked the same habitat?
  • Find out what the word 'extinct' means.
  • Some of the animals in the cave are now extinct. Can you identify which ones these are?
  • Can you think of any reasons why some animals become extinct and some survive?
  • Can you think of any animals still around today that are in danger of extinction? What factors have lead to this?

Look at the tools used by Ice Age humans found in the cave.

  • What do these tools tell us about how different life was for humans in the Ice Age?
  • Imagine that you live in the Ice Age. Life was very different then. What will you miss most about the present day?
  • Can you find out when the Ice Age was?

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