Carved Pacific Bird

What was happening in 1928 when this bird went to Whitby?

This Yorkshire World Collections object is one of 100 chosen by young people aged 16-24, as part of the London Cultural Olympiad programme Stories of the World.

This carved and painted wooden bird comes from New Ireland, a Pacific Island that is today a province of Papua New Guinea. It was donated to the museum by a Captain W Readman in 1928. Sculpted birds with this kind of decoration are very common in the region.

These are two other wood carvings from the Pacific Islands -  Pacific Island Mask and Pacific Island Figure with Hat - can you see the similarities?

Discussion ideas:

These are just a few of the things happening in the world in 1928 when this bird was given to Whitby museum.

Use the Related Links at the bottom of the page to find out more about each event or important person.
  • The 'Roaring Twenties' was in full swing
  • Penicillin was invented
  • First female to fly the Atlantic Ocean
  • King George V was on the throne of England
  • Olympic Games were held in Amsterdam
  • First television was sold in the UK
  • The book Lady Chatterley's Lover was banned
  • Che Guevara was born

Activity ideas:

  • Rank the events above in the order that you think still have the most impact on our lives today.
  • Zoom out from this Google map to appreciate how remote the Island is where this bird was made, and a very long way from the lives of those who lived the 'roaring twenties'.

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