Bronze Age Grantham

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This resource is part of a local history study series looking at Grantham through the ages. It also includes:

Curriculum Links

KS2 History - Prehistory - Change in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age; Chronological understanding; Historical Enquiry; Local History 

KS2 Local History 

Aim of resource:

This resource explores how we can learn about prehistoric civilizations, using a case study of evidence for Bronze Age settlements in the Grantham area.

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of changes in Britain during the Bronze Age

Understanding of the term 'Bronze Age' and how archaeological evidence can be used to learn about the ancient past

Skills to interpret various forms of historical evidence and understand how periods fit into a chronology

Discussion ideas:

  • What can the grave goods tell you about life in the Bronze Age?

  • What do you think each of the tools might be for?

  • What items would you want to have buried alongside you? 
  • Which objects might reveal the most about your personality and your life? 
  • Do you think it is important to dig up sites that we think might have historical importance? Why or why not?

Activity ideas:  

  • Interactive:
    Download the interactive grave goods sorting activity. The activity gives you a selection of grave goods that were found alongside Bronze Age burials. Can you match the right goods with the right person? The activity is also available as a PDF
  • Art & Design: Create a beaker
    Look at the example of the beaker vessel. Design your own beaker vessel, which says something about your personality and life. Think about the shape of the pot, what it would be made out of and what decorations you would include. As an Art activity you could make your design out of clay and decorate it. 

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