British Values in Action: Protest and Punishment

Remembering the Lune Street protest: massacre or self-defence?

What do you think happened when the protesters met the soldiers? 
This is a very sad story. Shots were fired by the soldiers and four of the protesters were killed. 

The photographs here show a memorial to the dead protesters, which is still standing on Lune Street in Preston. 

Samuel Horrocks blamed the protesters for the deaths. He said that the soldiers had to fire their guns to defend themselves from the dangerous protesters. Yet, other people blamed Horrocks and the soldiers. One newspaper said the protesters were murdered, even though the people who fired the shots were soldiers.

Protesters on trial:

The case went to trial at the County Court. The jury said that the killings were 'justified homicide'. This means that the soldiers were not blamed for the deaths because it was said that they acted in self-defence that they had to fire their guns or they would have been hurt by the protesters. In fact, some of the protesters went to prison for their parts in the events.

What do you think? Who was to blame for the deaths? The event is often called a 'massacre' is this fair? 


Homicide - The killing of another person
Justified - When there is a good reason for something
Massacre - Violent killing of large numbers of people or animals
Protest - To complain about something or show you disagree with it in public 

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