Breaking Chains - Sheffield Civil Rights

Teachers' notes

Breaking Chains - Sheffield Civil Rights is an opportunity to look at the slave trade and to celebrate Sheffield’s heritage by exploring the role local campaigners played in securing worker rights.

Targeting Key Stage 2 (Y5 and Y6) pupils, this resource will look at a dramatisation of the visit to Sheffield by Olaudah Equiano, a former slave who campaigned for the abolition of the slave trade.


It will also identify other campaigners in Sheffield's past and the causes they were passionate about.


There are two videos to watch an d numerous worksheets to download (in either PDF or Word format).  See following pages for details.


Curriculum Links

KS2 Citizenship

Unit 7: Children's rights - human rights

Section 1: What are our rights?

Section 2: That's not fair!

Section 3: Taking responsibility

KS2 History

Unit 11: What was it like for children living in Victorian Britain?

Section 3: Who helped to improve the lives of Victorian children?

Section 6: How did life change for children living in Victorian Britain?

KS3 History

British History - The development of trade, colonisation, industrialisation and technology, the Britsh Empire

Learning Outcomes:

Pupils will learn about how local campaigners made a difference to people's lifestyles in the past and be encouraged to think about how those changes effect their lives today.

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