Bradford's Industrial Revolution

Places of Worship

On the Coat of Many Cultures you will see many places of worship. These buildings tell a story of the diverse communities that have settled in the city over the last 200 years.


Ever since the Industrial Revolution there have been waves of immigration into Bradford and today there is a very diverse population. Places of workshop include Sikh and Hindu temples, mosques, synagogues and many Christian churches. The district has a tradition of non-conformity which is reflected in the number of chapels erected by Baptists and Methodists.


The Growth of Places of Worship is a detailed information sheet (see link below) that looks at Bradford Cathedral, the introduction of Catholism with the arrival of Irish migrants, the creation of the Jewish community in Little Germany, the post-Second World War arrival of the Polish and Ukranian communities, and the arrival during the 1950s and 60s of people from South Asian sub-continent, East Africa and the Caribbean.

Map view of Bradford Cathedral»

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