Bollywood in Britain

Discussion and activity ideas

This resource explores the rise in popularity of Indian cinema in Britain. It delves into the history of Indian film viewing in this country and also looks at the growing relationship between Bollywood and Britain today.

KS4/GCSE/AS Level Media Studies Film genre, National cinema, style and narrative

  • What is it about Bollywood films that makes them different from popular western films, and why do you think Bollywood films are so popular?
  • What forms of entertainment or leisure are often quite naturally cross cultural?
  • Think of different examples of cultural communication - literature, dance, drama, film, photography and new media, from different periods in history that have used 'narrative' style successfully.  

KS4/GCSE Art - Art from different cultures, non western cultures

  • Think of examples of western culture adopting styles or images from South Asian cultures
  • Where does 'Paisley' pattern originate from and how did it become so well used in western fashion? 
  • Which well known artist from India designed the UK's tallest sculpture and what other works of art is that artist famous for? 
  • Make a collection of fabrics that you might use if you were designing costumes for a Bollywood film

KS4 Music - Dance music, Bhangra

  • Bhangra dance was originally a form of of folk dance from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan, what other styles of dance originate from different parts of the world?
  • Discuss how 'street dance' came about and consider whether it is a form of folk dance
  • How did dance reflect the atmosphere of historical events in Britain and America during the 1920/30s? 
KS4 Citizenship - Community identities and diversities, what is a community?
  • What do you understand by the word community and what different types of communities can that word cover?
  • How would you like to be identified and how do you think you are identified by other people? These two might be completely different. If they are how do you feel about that? 
  • If you wanted to see a particular film shown where you live how could you campaign for that to happen?

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