Bollywood in Britain

A global phenomenon   

Why are Indian films so popular?

India is a country with 17 major languages. Each of these languages is spoken by a community that is larger than the entire population of England. India also has six major religious denominations. Yet, Bollywood acts as a uniting thread amid the diversity of this vast nation.

Are Indian films popular outside India too?

Recent Bollywood story-lines have featured characters living in other countries (these are referred to as non-resident Indians or NRIs) to appeal to the huge number of Bollywood fans living outside India. Indian films are particularly popular in Russia, China, the Middle East, the Far East, Egypt, Turkey, Africa, Canada, Australia and Britain. This is an important market; the higher cinema ticket prices paid by Bollywood fans in countries such as Canada, USA and Britain can recoup more than half the total earnings of a film. This is because someone watching an Indian film in Bradford or Birmingham would probably pay twenty times more for it than someone buying a ticket in India.

What are the Bollywood Oscars?

One of Bollywood’s most prestigious award ceremonies is the International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFAs). Also nicknamed the Bollywood Oscars, these awards build on Bollywood’s global reach by taking the ceremony to a different international location each year. It’s a way of promoting Bollywood beyond India, and thanking international fans for their support by taking the show to them, complete with A-list Bollywood stars.

Yorkshire beat rival bids from the likes of New York, Barcelona, Rome and Hong Kong to host the International Indian Film Academy awards in 2007. The IIFA weekend was jointly hosted by five Yorkshire cities (Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield, York, Hull) with the award ceremony at Sheffield Arena being watched by something like 400 million people in around 100 countries.

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