Blue Socks - The School Uniform Debate

Should we have a school uniform?

Read the excerpt from the article to the right.

The writer of the article talks about two arguments that are used to defend school uniform:


1) That a uniform helps to conceal poverty; and

2) That a uniform gives a school a sense of community.


Can you think of any other reasons why school uniform is so common?


The article was written in 1972, but the majority of schools in this country still have a compulsory uniform policy.  It is up to the school governors to decide whether or not to have a uniform.  The school has to take into account various laws when it enforces a uniform policy and these ensure more respect for children's rights than existed in the 1970s.  But there are very few state schools in Britain where students have complete freedom to express their identity through their dress.

Do you agree with the writer of the article about the importance of individual identity?

What other arguments are there in favour of not having a uniform?


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