Blue Socks - The School Uniform Debate

The School Uniform Debate

There were many other similar cases to that of the two girls who wore blue socks to school. Many of these cases appeared in the press.


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A teenage girl was sent home to change her clothes when she came to school wearing trousers and a jumper after the school had been plunged into cold after power cuts. At the time (1970s) it was common for girls not to be allowed to wear trousers for school, but to have to wear skirts. But when the conditions were so cold perhaps concessions could have been made?

Do you think that the headmistress was right to send this girl home to change?

What do think the reaction would be today if girls were told that they could not wear trousers to school?


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At another school hundreds of girls were told by their Headteacher that they had to stop wearing coloured bras, and must only wear white ones. The complaint was that coloured bras could be seen through their blouses.

Do you think that the headmistress had a point in this case?

Do you think that schools should have the right to dictate what type of underwear you wear?

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