Blue Socks - The School Uniform Debate


The debate over school uniform rules has been going on for many years, across many generations of school pupils and teachers. There have been cases in the press, like the Blue Socks Case which this journey will look at in more detail, where pupils have been banned from taking exams, or even suspended or excluded from school for not wearing the correct uniform.

This learning journey will look at a number of cases from the 1970s that are mentioned in archives of the National Council for Civil Liberties (now known as Liberty) which we hold at the Hull History Centre, and how these cases relate to your experience of school uniform today. The journey will look at the arguments for and against having a uniform, and at how the issue relates to children's rights.


This learning journey can be used as a resource for:

KS3 Curriculum Links

Citizenship: Human Rights

History: Twentieth Century

KS4 Curriculum Links

Citizenship: Human Rights

History: Twentieth Century GCSE

Citizenship Skills

Thinking about and analyse information

Expressing personal opinions

Contributing to class discussion

Using imagination to consider other people’s experiences  


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  • Posted by ciaraxx on 17/04/2012

    i think schools should have uniforms because they can get bullied for what they wear and it does not take away their induviduality because wearing the same clothes does not stop us from showing who we are

  • Posted by David McKinnon on 01/02/2012

    school uniform has to be apart of school because the bullying is very high at the moment and if non uniform comes in then bullying rates will shoot up. by David McKinnon S1 Dunoon Grammar School

  • Posted by Elizabeth on 23/02/2011

    I believe school uniforms should be banned like forever and never be mentioned again! All it does is make students very rebel and All that will happen is they won't wear the unifrom and principals will expell them possibly one by one and they will lower the amount of students in their schhol!

  • Posted by Daniel Staley-Myers on 09/02/2010

    I attended Garforth Community College and the was colour code for the uniform was dull. Instead of a white shirt, how about blue, instead of a jumper maybe the blazer was a good idea. The trousers and skirts were dark blue or black, these didn't reflect well on the atmosphere. I would have thought green or brown or maybe even checkered kilts would have been a good addition. I do not think uniform should be forced unless certain boundaries are over looked.

  • Posted by Ewan Mc on 28/01/2010

    i think school uniform is a restriction on the independance and expression of children. I shall be debating this at school and hopefully get parents to vote and let kids wear non uniform items for a week and see how there is no difference

  • Posted by Jessiiee on 24/01/2010

    I think children shouldn't have to wear school uniform as it shows independance, if they think children are going to get bullied because of the clothes they were, they were either getting bullied before that or there friends would stick up for them and they wouldnt get bullied.

  • Posted by ollie on 19/06/2009

    true..but your own cloths give a sense of independence

  • Posted by kerru gibson on 21/05/2009

    i think schools should not force children to ware uniform

  • Posted by Robert on 18/04/2009

    I think uniforms promots discipline and helps drive up academic standards

  • Posted by pier on 16/03/2009

    Some people bully others because what they wear

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