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Design your own studio

What do you imagine when you think of an artist's studio? An artist's workspace can be anywhere, as long as they have the tools they need, enough space and the support required to create their work.

We usually think of creative jobs as very spontaneous and varied, but is this the truth? What do you think an artistís job description would be like if it was written down?

Create your own model of artist's studio, using a cardboard box. You can either draw or cut out objects to stick inside the studio or use magazine cuttings to create a collage. 

Before you plan exactly how your studio will look, think about the painting by Paula Rego,  The Artist in her studioand search online for photographs and paintings of other professional artists' studios (see links below for examples).

As you create your studio, try to add clues which reveal information about you as an artist or convey messages to a viewer:

  • What will your studio look like - size, colour, layout, style?
  • What subjects are you interested in?
  • Do you use any materials or colours more than others?
  • Where will your studio be built - England, Africa, China, inside, outside, in a field, in a train station?
  • What type of light source do you want in your studio - natural or artificial?
  • What tools or equipment will you need? 

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