Being an Art Detective

Write an artist's job description

Now we have a good insight into what an artist is, where they live and how they work, let's see if we can write a job description for an artist.

What does a job description include?

A job description tells us statements about what the role involves, including:

  • The personal qualities they need in the job
  • The knowledge, experience and skills they need to do they job
  • Qualifications - the training they need to have
  • Responsibilities - the people or things they look after
  • Duties - what they do regularly 
  • Their most important goals 
  • Where they work
  • What tools and equipment they use

Here is an example - a job description for a teacher:


  • Personal qualities: A teacher has to be enthusiastic, kind, patient and good with children. 

  • Qualifications: A teacher is required to have a degree and qualified teacher status before they are allowed to teach. 

  • Responsibilities: The teacher is responsible for providing an good classroom environment where all pupils have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and feel safe. 
  • Duties: Their main duties are to organise and deliver lessons that fit in with the National Curriculum and will result in pupils achieving success. 
  • Where they work: A teacher works inside a classroom with around 30 pupils, where there is a mixture of boys and girls as well as different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.  

Discuss what things you might include in an artist's job description and then write your own.


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