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Lifestyle of Bucktrouts & Firths



You have already gathered some information from the 1851 and 1891 census returns about the households of the Bucktrout and Firth families.  There are other documents to examine which will give you a fuller picture of their lives.


Examine these images to find further information to widen your understanding of these families in 19th century North Yorkshire. 


Questions to think about:


Do you know what all the items are? Why, for example, are they buying chicory - look at its place in the list to give you a clue.


Are all these items available today, and if not what has replaced them and why?


Look at the prices of the items, how do they compare with prices for similar items today?


How do the maps and photographs help you develop a fuller picture of the lifestyle of the Bucktrouts and Firths? 

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