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Bucktrout Bank Account

Bucktrout Bank Book and Cheque


This page gives information about the Swaledale & Wensleydale Banking Company which was used by James Bucktrout - see images.


In the 19th century Wensleydale was the home of a very sound banking partnership.


By 1812 banks in the dales seemed unconcerned by financial panics that affected larger commercial centres.The Richmond & Swaledale Bank never had to contend with a 'Run' (depositors all wishing to withdraw their monies at once - similar to the Northern Rock crisis of 2007-8). They survived the banking crisis of 1825.


In 1836 the bank converted into a joint stock Company titled Swaledale and Wensleydale Banking Company and had branches at Bedale, Hawes, Leyburn and Masham, and the Bank issued its own banknotes.


Although the Bank was very strong, directors in 1890s realised that it might be vulnerable because of its narrow business customer base and amalgamation with a larger London based would make sense. In 1899 the business was aquired by Barclay and Company Ltd.

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