Bedale 19th and 20th Century Painters and Decorators

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Account for painting Bedale Hall in 1891


The first document is an account from Bucktrout and Firth for painting Bedale Hall in 1891. It gives an insight into what was involved in painting and decorating at this time.  


If you were painting and decorating a room today how would the materials used differ from those used by Bucktrout and Firth?


From the Bank Account book, how was the business doing in 1857? What evidence do you have for this? (Check out the following page on the Bucktrout bank account to help you).


How would you describe the relationship between Lady Beresford Peirse and the painting and decorating firm of Bucktrout and Firth?  What evidence from the letter would you use to back up your opinion?


A transcript of this letter is available on the attached worksheet (see link below).


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