Bedale 19th and 20th Century Painters and Decorators


The Painters and Decorators of Bedale


You are going to explore a family business during the 19th and early 20th centuries through a number of documents, such as photographs, census records, accounts and inventories.


History KS3 for Year 8

QCA unit 12 "What was British middle-class life like?"

  • History Unit 11 - Industrial changes
  • History Unit 14 - The British Empire
  • Art & Design Unit 9C - Personal places, public spaces (which involves exploring the local area)
  • Geography Unit 9 - Shopping past, present and future



Examine the photograph. What impression do you get of the business from this photo?


What type of clients do you think the business had, and what type of clients do you think they were trying to attract?  What evidence is there in this photo to support your ideas?


Would you be able to find a similar shop in your home town today?  How would this shop differ from that of Bucktrout & Firths?

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