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Arts Award Discover and Explore:

The resources listed feature ideas and activities to help pupils achieve the Discover and/or Explore Arts Award, and we have given a snapshot of what each one contains below:

Crafting for Victory - How school children and WAACs helped the war effort. Includes images of WAACs in uniform, armbands and home-made button badges. 

Designing WW1 Military Uniforms - KS2-3 Arts/History activities on how British Army uniform became khaki. Features images of uniform fabric swatches and photos of WW1 servicemen.

Drawing the First World War - Convalescing soldiers’ artworks reveal snapshots of wartime life. Using scrapbooks and cartoons as inspiration for new artistic creations.

Entertainment on the WW1 Home Front - Raising morale and funds for the war effort. WW1 song lyrics and concert programmes could be used as a basis for planning a WW1 themed concert or designing a new programme.

First World War Friendship Book - Wartime messages by soldiers of the York and Lancaster Regiment. Use original drawings and paintings to inspire new art works based on WW1 friendship books.

Harry Oldham, Passchendaele Survivor - First World War soldier rescued from the mud of No Man's Land. Create an illustrated clock face inspired by the photo of Harry's pocket watch, which was recovered from the mud after battle. Make a collage or write a poem using Harry's story as a starting point.

Life in the WW1 Hospital - Temporary wartime hospitals created during 1914-1918. Listen to audio clips of ten dialogues inspired by imaginary scenes from a wartime hospital then write a script for a play, or a piece of creative writing.

Songs of the First World War - Explore two WW1 songs with very different themes and sentiments. Using original sheet music for popular wartime songs as inspiration, write and perform your own song.

Story of a WW1 Nurse - Discover Ursula Lascelles' experiences as a VAD in WW1 through images of letters, diaries and photographs. The items could be used to commemorate her in a theatrical performance.

The WW1 Desert Front - Arts activities inspired by soldiers’ lives in Egypt during 1916, featuring photographs of a group of servicemen from Leeds. Individual pupils could imagine different moments of the men's lives to create a palm tree 'war diary' for the classroom wall.

WW1 Autograph Book - Images and stories from a military hospital autograph book. Create portraits made up of words (like the one in the example) or recreate WW1 photographs in a cartoon style.

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