Rotational Printmaking

This activity is designed to provide pupils with a better understanding of plane transformations, including reflection, rotation and translation, by creating their own printed designs.


Pupils should draw simple designs into 5cm x 5cm polystyrene squares or cut designs into potatoes. These printing 'plates' should then be inked up and printed onto paper or fabric.  A template can be downloaded for this.


Pupils can print directly onto the paper or place the template underneath thin fabric, to be used as a guideline. Each print should be printed side by side, in a grid formation.


Pupils should print a variety of designs from the same plate. Their finished designs will differ depending on the type of transformation used, before printing.  Ask pupils to imagine how their finished design will look if the plate is rotated (45, 90, clockwise/anti-clockwise), reflected or translated before it is printed on to the paper/ fabric.


The accompanying worksheet (see Downloads below) explains the activity and includes a grid diagram which pupils can follow.

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