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This resource is designed to provide students with a better understanding of plane transformations, including reflection, rotation and translation, by creating their own printed designs.


It offers students an opportunity to develop their mathematical knowledge through creative activities, some of which make links to works produced by artists who have exhibited at Huddersfield Art Gallery.


Curriculum Links:

Can be used as a resource for:

Key Stage 3 Maths - Shape, Space and Measure

Key Stage 2 Art and Design - Unit 3B, Investigating Pattern


The resource was adapted from the 'Art4Maths' Resource Pack, which was created by Huddersfield Art Gallery in partnership with Extended Learning Service and School Effectiveness Service, Kirklees. The Pack was designed to support the 'Shape, Space and Measure' aspects of the Key Stage 3 Maths curriculum and was produced for non-specialists to use in after-school clubs.


The activities were piloted in an after-school club with KS3 pupils and teaching assistants from King Jamesís School, Almondbury.


Each page features a different activity and is accompanied by two downloadable worksheets. The sheet for workshop leaders gives an overview of the learning outcomes and resources needed. The pupil sheet explains the activity.

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