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Eduardo Paolozzi - Large Frog 1958

Inspired in part by French Surrealism and the iconoclastic Dada Movement, Paolozzi was a highly individual sculptor in metal as well as a draughtsman, printmaker and designer. He is considered one of the founders of the Pop Art Movement and he undertook many public commissions, including the mosaic decoration in London’s Tottenham Court Road Underground Station.


Large Frog is an intriguing and complex sculpture. It is a form made up of all sorts of bits and pieces – plastic toys, bits of pianos, electronic equipment and machinery – all the waste of our civilisation. These are pressed into clay and then cast in sheets of wax, which is then cut and bent, and then assembled into a strange being resembling a creature in a science fiction film. 

In Paolozzi’s own words, his sculptures are concerned with: 

' T he metamorphosis of quite ordinary things into something wonderful.'

Potential curriculum links:

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