Armand Point and Islamic Architecture

Local Places to Find Islamic Architecture Styles

You can find Islamic design ideas in local buildings such as Harrogate's Turkish Baths, (right) opened in 1897. Steam rooms and treatment rooms are decorated with Islamic arches and screens, walls of vibrant glazed brick work and mosaic floors.
St Paul's House in Leeds (below left) was built in 1878 as a warehouse and cloth cutting works. The top storey is decorated with arches, lattice work and miniature minarets.
The Alhambra Theatre in Bradford, opened in 1913, is named after the Moorish palace in Granada, Spain. Its elegant design celebrates the fashion for Moorish architecture with its domes and columns.
You will find more recent examples of Islamic architecture in purpose-built mosques such as the Makkah Masjid in Leeds (below right), where the magnificent facade is decorated with blue, green and cream tiles.
You can also take a virtual tour of Mosques worldwide - follow the link in the Related Links section below.

Google map: see where the Hanfia Mosque is in Bradford»

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