Animation Toolkit

How to Create a Drawn Animation

You will need:
  • Light box - a back-lit frame with a translucent face of plastic or glass used to transmit light through an image to enable you to see several drawings through each other.
  • Peg bar - a thin strip of plastic or metal with 2 fixed pegs.  It provides an accurate way of keeping sheets of punched paper together.
  • Paper
  • Hole punch
  • Pencils/pens
  • Video camera
You can buy a light box from art and craft shops/suppliers for 20-30. Peg bars can be bought for about 3 each from art and craft suppliers or online animation suppliers.

1. Decide on the image to be animated and create a storyboard to show the different stages of the animation.

2. Punch holes along one edge of the paper.

3. Tape the peg bar to the light box and position a piece of paper onto the bar.

4.  Draw the background image on the paper.

5. Position another piece of paper on top of the background paper and draw the first movement.

6. Add another sheet and draw the second movement.

7. Continue to add sheets and draw each stage of the movement until it is complete.

8. You can flick between drawings to check the movement.  

9. When all the drawings are complete number them, record them on an exposure sheet and reposition the peg bar and the background sheet in front of the camera.

10. Position sheet 1 on top of the background sheet and take a frame.

11. Remove sheet 1 and position sheet 2 and take a frame, continue in this way until all the sheets have been filmed.

12. Mark off on the exposure sheet as each frame is taken.

13. Review the sequence on the computer.

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