Animation Toolkit

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These resources offer some easy-to use techniques for getting started with animation in the classroom. Using animation as a way of further investigation or cross-curricular exploration, encourages creativity and teamwork in a focussed and concentrated setting.

Curriculum links:

The resources can be used for many different subjects including:

KS2 Art & Design: Unit 3a Portraying Relationships; Unit 4a Viewpoints

Unit 4c Journeys; Unit 6a People in Action

KS3 Art & Design: Unit 7a Self-image; Unit 7c Recreating Landscapes

Unit 8b Animating Art

KS2 History, Literacy, Citizenship, RE, Science, Technology

KS2/3 English and Cross Curricular themed work

Arts Award Discover


Learning objectives:

Knowledge of a variety of aspects of moving image study

Understanding of how animation can be used as creative tool for the exploration of a range of themes and subjects

Skills to use a variety of specific animation techniques: how to make a drawn and a cut-out animation, how to make a pixellation and how to create animatics. 


Activity ideas:

  • Arts Award Discover (Showing a basic understanding of art forms; Participation in an arts activity)

    Young people can watch the videos within this resource on creating various types of animation. They can then carry out research and present different types of animation they have come across. Afterwards, they can make their own animation, inspired by the animators they have discovered during their research. 

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