Ancient Egyptians: Objects from Daily Life

Inside the Ancient Egyptian Home

Oil lamp

The Egyptians used oil lamps (as in Photograph 1) to light their homes. They would pour oil into a central hole in the lamp, which would then sit in a store in the bowl. A piece of string or linen would then be dipped into the oil and this would soak up the oil and light, producing a steady flame like a candle. Then people could hold the lamp without burning themselves and place it in a lamp holder or a hook on the wall.


Decorative tile

Egyptian faience is a ceramic material which creates bright colours. Photograph 2 shows a faience flowered tile. This sort of tile would have been found inside Egyptian houses and used to decorate door and window frames.


Discussion ideas:

  • How do these items differ from the sort of objects you have at home today?
  • Can you think of any modern day versions of these items?
  • What sort of things do we use to decorate our homes?

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