Amy Johnson's Logbook

Young person's response to this object - Robyn Lovesy

Why did you chose this object? Is there anything about it that you particularly like or dislike? Can you say why?

The Amy Johnson story has interesting social implications. Her position in the 2nd WW effort is unusual and I would like to learn more

How do you think it might have been used, by whom, when, where and why?

The log book provides a record of Amy's trip. It could have been used as a verifcation of her achievements and to document her story.

Does it remind you of anything you have seen or used yourself?

I have seen these used for record keeping throughout history but not usually for this type of purpose - to document a large journey.

What questions do you have about it?

Why did she change her birth date? Is this the only record of her whole trip? Is there other evidence of where she landed and when? What was her motivation for the trip? I would like to know a little more about her life. How did she fly and get a plane?

What is the most important or interesting thing about this object?

The story behind it, the first solo female flight to Australia.

What topics or subjects do you think it relates to? How would you display it?

I think it relates significantly to popular understanding of the social history of the time, feminism is seen as post-WW2.

What can we find out from it?

Aviation practice, the problems she encountered with her plane. The changing attitudes about women at the time.

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