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A Journey on X-Box

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What have you done your book about?

"Itís about X-box, yes Iíve done it on X-box because I really love X-box, I really like playing a specific game Halo 2, it's like a first person shooting game and basically I can play it on my own for 3 hours but you get bored after a bit. But if I connect it up to broadband and make like a live account then you can play all around the world and you never get bored because you meet new people and talk. It never gets boring; Iíve stayed on hours and hours. You can never get off it."

Can you take me through each page?

"Ok so this is the beginning. I chose these colours, green and black because the Xbox is originally as you can see here green and black. So thatís just for the beginning, a little hint on what itís going to be about."

"The second page is entitled Risk: Be aware addictive gaming. This second page is about basically just gaming, itís a little phrase Ė Be aware addictive gaming because if you like enter the page and it's really good gaming and really good content then."

"The third page is my journey from Tariq to Supersonic Ninja, thatís my online game tag. Basically in the normal world my name is Tariq and in my game world my name is Supersonic Ninja. Iíve got a X-box 360 as well, I play Gazer War so iíve put that on as well and this is like my little profile. I just wrote about it and got a little leaflet and Iíve got a pocket on that page as well. It's got my name Tariq and my age 15, my first ever console like the Sega Mega Drive, best childhood game Mortal Combat 2, best game ever played Halo 2 of course and best game in story mode Halo. Best player mode is Halo 2 again and consoles that I know are Sega, Playstation, Playstaion 2, X-box, X-box 360, Nintendo Wii. At the moment Iím making a hole and then iím going to make an X like a 3D X so iím just doing that right now. Thatís what I've got to do."

Is there anything else you want to say about the project?

"I think it's really good and most people actually get into it because you know when some people are feeling down or something really bad happened to them itís another way to express themselves. Telling everyone about the thing that you like and whatís happened in your life. It's cool."

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