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Holidays in Britain, identification with nature and the seasons

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"I did loads of feathers and bird pictures because birds generally come out in spring and I used the colours green mainly because green is in spring.

"Blues, reds, oranges and greens. Itís for summer so I didnít know which colour to choose for summer so I decided to have it multi coloured and each label tells the story behind my name."

"There was once a witch named Ceridwen And she lived on an island in the middle of a Welsh lake; she had the most beautiful daughter in Wales and the most ugliest son in Wales. She decided to give her son a potion to make him clever so that people would like him for his mind. She got a blind man to look after the fire and she stole a village boy to stir the potion called Gwion. A drop of the potion went on Gwion's finger, he licked his finger and he suddenly became clever. Ceridwen found out that Gwion stole the potion and tried to kill him. Gwion turned into a sparrow but Ceridwen turned into an eagle. Gwion turned into a rabbit but Ceridwen turned into a fox. Gwion then turned into a grain of wheat but Ceridwen turned into a hen and ate him up. Nine months later Ceridwen gave birth to Gwion. Ceridwen couldnít bare to kill the baby so she put the baby in a leather sack and put him in the river. He was found by the prince Elffin who called him Taliasan."

"Well I have lots of myths and legends books. Iím my name because my mum and dad read them.

"My next page is an introduction page to autumn. It's all red, yellows and oranges and browns like the trees. I got bits of old maps from where I live because I generally stay in Sheffield during the autumn. I got this piece of metal and wrote autumn into it on like foil and I got eyelets and put like pieces of string with stamps on and feathers attached."

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