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Family holidays, trips and favourite things

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"I did a collage of photos from places like Skegness and theme parks and things like that. Iíve got photos like this one of me and my mum who was watching my little brother on the bumper cars and this one was one of the biggest log flumes in England and I was really scared to go on it because it was high, high, high and Iím scared of heights. It was really fun when I went down and I really got drenched. Then Iíve got a few photos of my little brother having a strop cause he werenít big enough to go on some of the rides. Iíve got a picture in the centre of my sisterís prom when she was the queen or the princess of the prom. They did her a surprise limousine for the end of the night. This was the first time I'd been on a rollercoaster with my legs dangling with my older brother."

"I'm now 15 and Iíve got a thing about butterflies, I think they are beautiful even though they donít live that long, I just love them, I admire them they're colourful and theyíre delicate but they also bring light into life. On this page Iíve done a flip up butterfly that has messages on each wing and itís like a mosaic of butterflies. Imagine I as a butterfly and then that would be beauty, freedom and fragile and then Iíve used some stamps and done like little tags coming off the wings. My teacher got me them I think they're some handy stuffÖit was out of a magazine. I didnít want it to be just a flat surface so I scrunched some material to put in."

"My last page is like a shadow box and I wanted to recreate the effect of being in a butterfly house like covered in butterflies so I kind of blotched it with bits of yellow, greens and browns and then stuck butterflies in it fluttering about. Well I wasnít planning on using this material but my paint kept peeling off so I just thought it added to the effect of being in the wildlife or jungle. Like a bushy effect for the butterflies so I decided to use green and turquoise colours relating to the butterflies on the page."

"Iíve enjoyed it a lot, more than a lot, I'd say that working with Jenny (the Artist) was one of the big points and then bringing it back to school and carrying on with the project and then getting it back at the end."

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