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Dream journeys

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"There is these pages which we used a soldering iron to burn through them and it says 'Dreams' because they told me to put more words in it and I have no words at all apart from dreams and then these pages like I can't describe it, they're sort of...I've been away at the edges sort of overlapping so one page has got a small burns then one page has got a big burn and then the next page."

"The next page is fading to black paint covered in this sort of bandagy netted material and the next page is loads and loads of paint just splattered everywhere."

"This page is a cutout of someone going down the stairs and then underneath the stairs is like a picture of me when I was 6. Then old stamps and tippex and pictures of old toys stuck down and then there's a little flap, it's a dream I had when I was 5 and I don't know if I had it or not, where I went down stairs and played with matches."

"I liked ripping up books but not in a Nazi-ish way! My book is a hundred years old this year. It's from 1906 and it's about hydraulics. I learnt about transferring photos and it was fun and interesting to learn."

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