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Growing up in Ethiopia and the UK

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"I was born in Ethiopia and then I moved to Eritrea. So I'm half Eritrean and half Ethiopian. So it starts from Ethiopia and that is the map of Ethiopia and that's Eritrea. But I did this cover because I wanted the book to look a bit old and I covered it with cardboard because I think it makes it look older and then I painted it with golden colours."

"That's the map I said and this thing is meant to be the sun and this is meant to be the rays because it's too hot if you know about this country. This golden colour represents the sun."

"The next page is when I was a kid. The letter is H which represents my name Hanna. H is born in Ethiopia, that's what it's saying and that's me when I was a little kid and that is sunset I think or sunrise, I don't know really."

"These are camels and they are the symbol of Eritrea. The Eritrean pattern is the camel because they believe that the camel helped them in their own war, like they were using a camel as in a car. A camel is a kind animal for them I think. They believe that camels helped them to win the war when they were having it with Ethiopia 30 years ago. So that's the symbol of the country so I'm going to stick this there. I'll do the stencil there and I'll spray it with black spray and it's going to come out there. I'll do it three, four times there so it's going to look like camels are walking on the sand."

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