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Childhood, being a teenager and the future

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"It's a slug....Can you see the slug because nobody can see the slug but I don't see the three people...with eyes and nose and mouth... I know why you can see that but it looks like a slug to me so I put it there and the dancing feet (on the badge)."

"This is the little girls on the swings and it says 'play with us' and it's all red and yellow and primary colours because it's children and there is a slide. It's all kind of really bright and a bit scary but still nice. I like cutting things up and putting them back together."

"Ok this is me, we printed it on tracing paper so you can kind of see through it. It's me looking out of the window at the future and this is the cut out dolly kind of flying and the train track for movement and this pretty material and some safety pins."

"For a shadowbox you make a box by cutting holes in lots of paper, lots of pages and sticking them all together. It's supposed to be dreams and the future and it's all purpley pinky with the star and the little umbrella and the heart shaped drop and the feathers."

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