Altered Books - Workshops and techniques

Other Techniques - Collages, Pop ups, Extra pages and Tags

Here are some more ideas that could be used to present different ideas. Be inventive!

Collaged images and text are frequently used to alter the pages of books. Photo montage is another technique which can be used.

Pop ups
There are different ways of creating pop ups. Practice books are useful as a means of working ideas out. It is better to strengthen the pages which are going to be used by glueing two pages together.

Extra pages can be inserted. Cut a page back almost to the centre fold so that it is only about 3cms wide. Another page can be fastened to this flap. It can be made smaller or larger than the other pages. Attach the extra page with double sided tape or stitch it in place with decorative thread.

Old photos, letters, documents, tickets etc can be fastened into the book in a similiar way.

To create extra interest in the page, images or text can be put onto tags or labels (eg. luggage labels), and attached so that they fall between the pages of the book.

You can see examples of these techniques by Year 10 students in the accompanying learning journey, Altered Books in Focus, and also listen to their comments as they progressed.

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