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Other Techniques - Shadowboxes

A Shadowbox is a way of creating a 'container' within the book. If the students wish to create a Shadowbox it is advisable that they do this at an early stage.

1.Use the front or back cover of your book to make the bottom of the Shadowbox. This will provide support to the pages.

2.Take a large number of pages and hold them together tightly. Apply a layer of PVA glue all down the 3 edges of the block of pages. Then hold the pages together with clips or clothes pegs until the glue has dried.

3.When the block of pages has dried, mark the edges of your box with a pencil. Use a sharp craft knife and steel ruler to cut down through the pages, 3 or 4 at a time. Protect the book with a cutting mat. Cut carefully down through all the pages, apply glue to the supporting book cover and then stick the block down onto the cover.

4.Decorate with paint, collage, photo montage etc. Allow to dry before closing the book.

5.You can use the box to contain special objects.

You can see examples of the shadowbox technique by Year 10 students in the accompanying learning journey, Altered Books in Focus, and also listen to their comments as they progressed.

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