Altered Books - Workshops and techniques

Workshop 4 - Altered Photos

This process will only work if photos have been printed on photographic paper.

REMEMBER-Always work on a sheet of newspaper. When you sand and scrape the photo it creates a messy ‘goo’ which may spoil other work. When you have finished throw the newspaper away.

1.Wet the surface of the photo you wish to distress. Dip it into water or sponge the surface with water.

2.Use a small piece of sandpaper to sand away the top surface of the photo's emulsion. If you wish to draw into the photo, use a sharp tool e.g. needle, scissor ends, craft knife, to scrape away or scratch into the surface.

3.You can wash the surface to remove any bits of sanded emulsion. Air dry or wipe dry with soft cloth or tissue.

4.Now use paint, crayons or felt tip pens to add colour to the photo

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