Altered Books - Workshops and techniques

Workshop 3 - Transferring Inkjet Images

Images or text can be transferred onto the pages of a book. These images have to be printed on an inkjet printer and left to dry for a couple of hours.

Acrylic gel medium is used to transfer the image onto the page. This can act as a glue so be careful when using it - you may stick your pages together!

When images or text are transferred they are reversed so it may be necessary to flip the image before printing it out. The best results are achieved by using a good quality print (opt for 'best' rather than 'draft' on the computer) and good quality paper.

1.Prepare the receiving surface. If you donít want the bookís text to be noticeable then first coat it with a layer of gesso or emulsion. If you want background colour on the page then do it at this stage. Allow this to dry, you could use a hairdryer.

2.Coat the printed surface of your image with gel medium. If your copy is newly printed, the ink may smear. Be careful - don't over-brush.

3.When the receiving surface on the page is dry, paint onto it an even coat of gel medium. Cover an area the size of your image.

4.Turn the image over and place on top of the receiving surface. Press down and then use the back of a spoon to rub all over the back of the print. Allow to dry.

5.When the work is dry, lightly brush or sponge some water onto the back of the inkjet image. Start to rub away the paper with your finger. Rub gently and you will remove the top layer of paper leaving the transferred image. Donít rub too hard-the image may be rubbed away.

6.Clean the page up by removing any paper bits with kitchen towel or a dry sponge. You can transfer images onto fabric e.g. calico using the same technique. Water colour paper gives good results.

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