Altered Books - Workshops and techniques

Workshop 1 - Getting Started

Before the students get started they will need to have decided on the theme of their book. Here are some tips which could be given to the students to help them:

1.Think about how you are going to start your book. Create a spider diagram like the one shown here and use it to develop your ideas. By doing this you can formulate your ideas before actually making a start with paints, glue etc.

2.When choosing a book find a secondhand hardback book that has at least 150 pages. Make sure the pages are made from a reasonable quality paper - avoid thin or glossy paper. Sometimes you are able to find a book which has connections with your chosen theme.

3.It's useful to have a practice book: use it if you want to try something out. Keep a few post it notes or a notebook to hand. As you work, ideas will pop into your head - you need to make a note of them so you don't forget. Often your best ideas will come whilst you are working.

4.You will need to make more room in your book. Start by tearing or cutting out some pages. Go through the book from front to back, trying to remove pages at regular intervals. Remember - If you plan to create a shadow box, then you will need to leave a block of pages at the front or back that can be glued together to make a box.

5.Start to collect images, objects, materials and equipment that you feel that you would like to use. eg. old maps, family photos, tickets, newspaper cuttings, magazine photos,fabric and paper scraps.

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