Altered Books - Workshops and techniques

Introductory Session

In the current era of digital cameras and mobile phones we can record whatever images we choose. As travellers we can keep a detailed record of everything that has come to our notice. But what do we notice?

Unless we are particularly observant, we often tend to notice the things that are most obvious. Perhaps a role of the artist is to draw to our attention things that are easily overlooked but that may be both fascinating and informative. So… what do you take notice of?

'The Traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see' G.K. Chesterton

In order to explore this idea groups of four/five students were asked to take a 30 minute walk around part of Sheffield City Centre. They were encouraged to look for and photograph either the unusual or something to which they felt particularly connected.

The students then returned to the learning centre and used their photos to create a simple map of the route they had taken.

When the maps were completed the students were asked to give a short presentation to explain what they had chosen to record and why.

This session served as an introduction to the project for the students and encouraged them to think carefully about their own unique interests and journeys in preparation for making their own altered books.

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