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Museums Sheffield worked with two local secondary school groups and the artist Jenny Gilks. The project aimed to give Year 10 students the opportunity to develop ideas around the theme of image and identity and personal journeys. These thoughts and ideas about travel and journeys were expressed visually in 'Altered Books'.

A number of practical workshops took place within the galleries and follow up work took place in school. The students were encouraged to explore the way in which a personal journey could be an expression of one's personal identity and cultural background.
Such a journey might be in time and space, of ideas and thought, or an emotional or spiritual journey.

This resource enables teachers to re-create the project and includes lesson/ workshop plans and information on techniques used. There is also an accompanying resource, Altered Books in Focus, which features images of students' work and audio responses from them as they progressed.

The complete text from both resources is also available to download as a PDF file.

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