Alien Species in Britain, Friend or Foe?

Animals that have been re-introduced to Britain

There are some animals that have been re-introduced into Britain, either because of their declining numbers or because they have disappeared altogether (become extinct). However, before these animals are re-introduced into the wild, there is careful consideration about the affect they will have on the environment.


The Great Bustard was extinct in Britain, but recently a few of them from another country were released into the wild. This was a huge success, and the numbers of Great Bustard are now increasing. This is the same for the Red Kite (pictured). You can download a Red Kite Fact File from our Worksheets page


The White Tailed Eagle which was extinct in Britain has been re-introduced into the Isle of Rhum in Scotland, and its numbers are now also increasing.


There are some possible re-introductions of animals to Britain that have caused huge debate. These are animals such as the Wolf which became extinct hundreds of years ago, which some people believe may be too dangerous to re-introduce back into the British countryside.


Do you think that it is a good idea to re-introduce animals that have become extinct in Britain, back into the British countryside? Or is this too dangerous?

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