Alien Species in Britain, Friend or Foe?


This learning journey looks at the different plants and animals not native to Britain, and aims to teach children about the habitats that they live in.

At the end, children can then use the interactive quiz to test their knowledge, and decide for themselves whether alien species are friends or foes. There are also many different worksheets and fact files that can be used as part of a lesson.


Curriculum Links

KS1 Science:

SC1 1 - Learn that it is important to collect evidence when trying to answer a question

SC2 5 - Find out about the different kinds of plants and animals in the local environment


KS2 Science:

SC2 5b - Learn about different plants and animals found in different habitats

SC2 5c - Learn about how animals and plants in two different habitats are suited to their environment


This learning journey also links to the following QCA units:

Year 2 Unit 2B - Plants and animals in the local environment

Year 4 Unit 4B - Habitats

Year 6 Unit 6A - Interdependence and adaptation


Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding to enhance knowledge of alien organisms and the kinds of habitats that they might live in.


Skills to develop the skills of scientific enquiry.


Activity, behaviour and progression to encourage an interest in the environment and living organisms, and develop a respect for them.

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