Alien Species in Britain, Friend or Foe?

Aliens in York!

Within York, and all around us we can see species of plants and animals that are not native to Britain. If you look in your school playground, you are bound to find plants such as the Sycamore Tree as well as animals, that are not native to Britain.


Within York, we have many different alien plants and animals. On the riverbanks you can find the Brown Rat which was accidentally brought here on ships in the 18th Century, and likes to live near water. On the rivers you will also find the Canada Goose (pictured) which lives on the water and marshlands. Within the Museum Gardens, you will find Grey Squirrels which live in the trees, and Rabbits which live in burrows underground, as well as many different plants such as Ginkgo and Buddleia that are not native to Britain.



With your teacher or when you get home, try and find some alien plants and animals and identify the places in which they live.

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