Alien Species in Britain, Friend or Foe?

What are aliens?

Alien species of plants and animals, are those that have been introduced into a country and did not live there originally. These have often been introduced either intentionally or accidentally by humans.


An example of an alien living in this country is the rabbit. You many have thought that these animals were British as we often see them living in the wild. They can even be seen around the Yorkshire Museum Gardens!

However, rabbits were brought to Britain by the Normans a very long time ago in the 12th Century as a fur and food resource. This proves that not every animal and plant you see today was originally from Britain, no matter how common they are now. You can download a Rabbit Fact File from the Worksheets page


So, your challenge is to be a scientist for the day!


You need to look at the information provided on the following pages, and complete the quiz to make sure that you have learnt everything that you need to know. Then based on the information, you need to decide whether or not alien species are a good or bad thing.


Good Luck!

This is where you often see rabbits in the Yorkshire Museum Gardens»

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